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Conventional EPE foam rolls, laminated EPE foam and EPE foam sheets or plates

Author:Shareyear Date:2013-6-27 17:16:19
        Different from the single layer structure of conventional EPE foam rolls,laminated EPE foam has double deck with HDPE as the surface layer,and LDPE as the lining.  The conventional EPE foam rolls are usually laminated with HDPE film,aluminizer,plastic-coated paper,plastic-coated fabric and etc. Then these laminated EPE foams will have been improved in mechanical strength and other performances. They also can be printed with paterns and characters on themselves to expand products propaganda.

Laminated EPE foam rolls can be made into bags. With the colored EPED of antistatic agent added in it, laminated EPE foam rolls can be made into  bags of antistatic agent. With the thickness from 0.3mm to 10mm, the conventional EPE foam rolls are used widely on handicraft slippers,leather shoes,cases,bags,floor mats,electronics and furniture  packaging. It is also used widely in the industries of life jacket,compartment,heat insulation and etc.
EPE foam plates are also named as EPE foam lamination ,into which several layers of conventional EPE foam sheets are laminated  one by one by spark machining. EPE foam plates are the base material for lamination products and deep processed products, also the base material for EPE foam protective corners and profiled EPE foam. With outstanding shockproof performance, EPE foam  is usually used as protective corners or other protective packaging for many products,and to protect cartons or boxes from damage caused by external extrusion.